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Shaykh Fath al-Mowsily relates, once I saw a young boy walking through the jungle. It appeared as if he was uttering some words. I greeted him with Salaam and he replied accordingly. I inquired, "Where are you going?"

Young boy retorted, "To the house of Allah, Kaaba in Makkah." I further asked, "What are you reciting?" "Noble Qur'an" he replied.

I remarked, "You are at a tender age, it is not an obligation that you are required to fulfill."

Young boy said, "I have witnessed death approach people younger than me and therefore would like to prepare if death was to knock on my door."

I astoundingly commented, "Your steps are small and your destination far."

He responded, "My duty is to take the step and it remains the responsibility of Allah (SWT) to take me to my destination."

I continued to ask, "Where is your provision and conveyance (means of transport)."

He replied, "My Yaqeen (certainty) is my provision and my feet's are my conveyance."

I explained, "I am asking you regarding bread and water."

Young boy replied! "Oh Shaykh if someone invited you to his house, would it be appropriate to take your own food?"

I exclaimed, "No!"

"Similarly, My Lord has invited His servant to His house, it is only the weakness of your Yaqeen (certainty) that makes us carry provisions. Despite this, do you think Allah (SWT) will let me go to waste?"

"Never" I replied.

Young boy then left. Sometime later I saw him in Makkah. Young boy approached me and inquired, "Oh Shaykh are you still of weak belief?"

(Source: Stories of the Pious by Shaikh Ahmad Ali)


(Excerpt from a speech of Shaikh Zulfiqar)

The Sight of Ka'abah

One never tires of gazing at the sight of the House of Allah, the Kaa'bah. The site upon which the mercy and blessings of Allah are constantly descending. There is truly nothing comparable to the House of Allah on this Earth. People wish time would stand still so they could keep gazing at the Kaa'bah; their thirst is never quenched, rather it increases.

The blessings of Tawhid descend in Makkah, and the blessings of Prophethood descend in Madinah. One has seen nothing in life if he has not seen these two holy sites. May Allah give all Muslims the opportunity to visit to His House...(ameen)

(Source: - for further story on this)


~ How true....Alhamdulillah for the chances given and hope for many more...ameen..

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