Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wealth, Deeds

Ibrahim bin `Abdur-Rahman bin `Auf reported: Food was brought to `Abdur-Rahman bin `Auf (May Allah be pleased with him) when he was observing Saum (fast) and he said: "Mus`ab bin `Umair (May Allah be pleased with him) was martyred and he was better than me, but only one sheet was available to shroud him. It was so small that when his head was covered; his feet remained uncovered and if his feet were covered, his head remained uncovered. Then the bounties of this world have been bestowed upon us generously. I am afraid that the reward of our good deeds have been awarded to us in this world.''

On this he began to sob and left the food untouched.

This tells us about the hospitality of the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him ~ PBUH) and the respect they had for each other.

Abdur-Rahman bin `Auf (May Allah be pleased with him) was one of the figures of `Al-Ashratul-Mubash-sharun bil Jannah (the ten Companions of the Prophet (PBUH) who were given the glad tidings of entering Jannah during their lifetime).

For this reason, he is superior to Mus`ab bin `Umair (May Allah be pleased with him), but he acknowledged him superior on the consideration of his martyrdom and poverty through which he had passed. He holds Mus`ab bin `Umair (May Allah be pleased with him) better on the grounds that he had confronted the infidels in extremely difficult circumstances and sacrificed his life for the sake of Allah.

The second point which this brings out is the fear which Abdur-Rahman bin `Auf (May Allah be pleased with him) felt at the abundance of wealth and property, although he used to spend his wealth and riches in the way of Allah and Jihad.

Today, the only purpose of our wealth is that we waste it either on foolish customs and ceremonies of marriage or construction of buildings and their decoration.

It was this abundance of wealth of which the Companions of the Prophet (PBUH) were afraid. The Prophet (PBUH) had himself expressed great anxiety over it.


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