Monday, August 2, 2010

Ikhlaas and Riyaa` - Part 2 (Ikhlaas)

It has been stated in definition of Ikhlaas,

"It is to single out Allaah, free from all imperfection, in one's intention (qasd) in one's obedience (to Him)."

Hammaad bin Zaid said,

"I used to walk with Ayyoob (as-Sakhtiyanee) and he would take me through different routes. I would be surprised at how he would guide himself through them, fleeing from (being seen by) the people who might say, "This is Ayyoob"."

He also said, "Ayyoob used to take me via a route that was the longest and I would say "But this one is closer",

He would reply, "I fear from (passing by these) gatherings".

When he would pass by them and give salutations, they would reply to him with more than what he had greeted them, compared to others.

So he would say, "O Allaah, you know that I did not desire this! O Allaah, you know that I did not desire this."

(Ibn Sa'd, al-Fasawee)

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