Sunday, February 19, 2012

ريض يالطارش Raith yattarish an Imarati nasheed

Mishary Al-Afasy ريض يالطارش Raith yattarish an Imarati nasheed

(with Eng Sub.)

Wait, O weary courier, pen a salute on a letter
Even if the darkness followed you,
you have to accomplish your mission

And if they (The ones we sent the letter to) enquired after us,
thank them and tell them:
they are the way you remember
Your defendant is absent,
and the verdict is impermissible in absence

A person must deliberate, and judge fairly
Don't mistake us to be the source of this injustice,
it's justice we give and take

Do us a favor (O courier)
and carry to them our salute and greetings
Tell them the restless sorrowful
is spending the nights raving about them

Thoughts and suspicions are playing us
A sorrow we hide in the heart
fearing some people will disgrace us
Tell that the One we thank the most (Allah)
knows all that is public or secret

He (Allah) knows what you are
but He (Allah) tests his servant with ordeals
Whoever wants his final destination to be the heaven,
he wouldn't accept a poor spirit

For some, dreams are all what they do,
and for others they make their dreams come true

And the one who says: Lord, I have faith!,
will never bare despair and suspicion

This one becomes stronger with Qur'an and Sunnah,
and when The Caller Calls (Allah) he responds

O courier when you meet them, tell them:
we still remember our promise and we will fulfill it

(Link youtube : by "3houd" here)

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