Saturday, July 13, 2013

ISR Season 5 Episode 3.

The Believer is Quick to Respond
By : Suhail Mulla.

ISR Season 5 Episode 3 (here)

A native of Los Angeles, California, Shaykh Suhail Hasan Mulla received his bachelor’s degree from CSU Northridge in African-American Studies and a master’s degree in Social Work (MSW) from UCLA. Sh. Suhail spent 10 years as a social worker with the Los Angeles Unified School District where he helped families and youth cope with life issues.

More recently, Sh. Suhail graduated from the world-renowned Al-Azhar University where he received his bachelor’s degree in Shari’ah (Islamic Law). He also completed a two-year Islamic Studies program at Al-Asheera Al-Muhammadiya, an Al-Azhar affiliated institute in Cairo, Egypt, where he studied under renowned Azhari scholars. Sh. Suhail has received ijazas—authorizations to teach—in various sciences and texts, including hadith and tajweed.

Sh. Suhail has been an active member of the Southern California Muslim community for many years. He has served as Tarbiya Coordinator for the San Fernando Valley chapter of the Muslim American Society (MAS), lectured at educational and religious institutions, conducted weekly courses on tafsir, tajweed, seerah and Arabic, and served as a mentor and online counselor for Muslim youth. Sh. Suhail has taught ‘Fiqh of Fasting’ and ‘Introduction to Qur’an Sciences’ courses on He currently serves as the Resident Scholar of the Islamic Center of Orange County (Garden Grove).

Sh. Suhail lives in Orange County with his wife, Ustadha Lobna, and their four children.

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