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Al-Adha Day: A Model for Sharing and Caring

By Wael Shihab

`Eid Al-Adha has unique spiritual, devotional, educational, and social meanings. It implants in the Muslim's heart the spirit of sharing and caring. It has special rituals, ethics, and values that could, if properly observed, change a Muslim's affairs to the better.

On the day of `Eid, a Muslim is recommended by the Sunnah to have a shower before going to the `Eid Prayer and wear the best of his or her clothes. This reflects Islam's care for cleanliness and beauty. A Muslim should be careful regarding his or her appearance, dress, and personal hygiene.

In the early morning of the `Eid day, a Muslim goes out to pray `Eid with his or her fellow brothers and sisters. Every member of the community should share the happiness and attend the gathering of the `Eid. Kids, women and men, young and elderly, should go out for the `Eid Prayer. It is well-known that even women in their menses are allowed to go out and watch the `Eid Prayer and celebration in the open areas (al-musala) to share the community this blessed time. This implants in the Muslim's heart the sense of brotherhood, unity, and togetherness.




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